Uninstall packages

Updated: May 29, 2023

The QNX Software Center lets you uninstall packages that you have added to an installation.

To uninstall a package:

  1. In the Installed tab, right-click the package, then click Uninstall.
  2. Review the items to be uninstalled, then click Finish to complete the uninstallation.

    The QNX Software Center will remove the uninstalled package from the Installed tab and display it in the Available tab or Updates tab.

You don’t have to worry about uninstalling packages in a specific order. The QNX Software Center manages dependencies for you.

Which packages can you uninstall?

Root packages (i.e. packages you've explicitly added to an installation) are the only packages you can completely uninstall. But even then, you can uninstall a root package only if other packages aren't using it. If any other packages use a root package, the package will become a non-root package and remain in the system until the other packages are uninstalled. The QNX Software Center can then uninstall the package.

Uninstalling all packages from an installation

If you uninstall the last package from an installation that isn’t a QNX SDP baseline installation, the installation isn't removed, even though it's now empty. To remove the installation itself, go to the Advanced tab and select Remove Installation. (Make sure that the installation you want to remove is the installation displayed in the installation selector.)