Filter packages

Updated: May 29, 2023

Sometimes you need to inspect, install, or uninstall a specific package or subset of packages. To help you do this, every view that displays packages provides a “type filter text” field. This field performs a fuzzy search to help you narrow down which packages are displayed. In addition to this field, the All tab provides a Package Filter dialog that lets you use a variety of filtering methods.

Accessing the Package Filter dialog

To access the Package Filter dialog, select the All tab, then select the menu button (...) that appears next to the tab's “type filter text” field.

Choosing a query method

The Package Filter dialog provides the following options:

Use this option: To:
Package List

View one or more specific packages.

For each desired package, enter the Package Id and, optionally, the Package Internal Version. Make sure to separate the ID and the version by a slash (/). See the dialog for examples.

For example, you can cut and paste a set of packages from a text-based patch set into the list of packages.

For definitions of Package Id and Package Internal Version, see Manifest report fields in the Manifest Reports & File Lookup chapter.

Custom Query

Create a custom query, using the p2ql query language.

The p2ql language is highly sophisticated, allowing you to create filters that match specific parameters. For instance, you can create a filter to display all packages that contain a given library. Visit to learn more about p2ql.

See the Package Filter dialog for some helpful examples.

Fuzzy Search

Perform a fuzzy search of the specified string.

This option performs the same function as the “type filter text” field. It searches the following properties of each package for the string you specify:
  • Name
  • Package Id
  • Status
  • Description
  • Published
  • Package Version
  • Package Internal Version

This option also searches through the names of any APIs, libraries, or binaries contained in each package.

You can view the above package properties in the General Information pane of the Properties view. See Inspect package and file properties for more information.

Clear Filter Clear any filter you may have specified in this dialog or in the “type filter text” field.