Updated: September 12, 2023

Together, the myQNX License Manager and the QNX Software Center make it easy to license, download, install, and maintain QNX software products. It doesn’t matter whether your company is a small development shop with a handful of developers or a large OEM with globally distributed software teams. Either way, these tools will maximize the efficiency of your license administrators and enable all of your developers to stay up to date with the latest QNX software tools and components.

Traditional approaches to the licensing and deployment of embedded software platforms rely on specialized knowledge and manual, error-prone procedures. The myQNX License Manager and QNX Software Center replace these approaches with graphical tools that take the guesswork out of managing large license pools and complex software dependencies. They also make it easier to cascade new software products, updates, or patches throughout an organization—and to install those products quickly and securely.

Centralized management of product licenses

The myQNX License Manager provides a single, integrated view into the QNX licensing activity in your organization, enabling you to take a proactive approach to license management and renewal. You can:

When you log in to the myQNX License Manager, you can immediately take control of common licensing activities. Perform any of the following actions with a few mouse clicks:

Simple, secure installation of software products

Think of the QNX Software Center as your one-stop shop for discovering, installing, and managing all of the QNX software that you are entitled to. Besides making it easy to install QNX products, the center tells you when new software packages or updates to existing packages become available. From there, it takes just a few clicks to install the packages you want.

The QNX Software Center automatically manages product dependencies. You don't have to install software packages by hand, in a specific order or location. Everything works together, out of the box.

The QNX Software Center lets you create detailed reports of the QNX files and subsystems used in your target images. These reports make it easier to manage your runtime deployments, accurately and efficiently.

The QNX Software Center is designed with security in mind. Every package is digitally signed, to guarantee its integrity and to protect your existing installation.

The QNX Software Center is multiplatform, with support for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS hosts. So all of the developers in your organization can use the same efficient tool to manage their QNX installations and to stay current with the latest patches and updates.

What’s more, the QNX Software Center lets you create patch sets: specific configurations of QNX products, patches, and updates that can be shared by some or all members of a development team. This feature makes it much easier to reproduce issues and enables teams to standardize on the same software base.