Advanced installations

Updated: May 29, 2023

Empty installations

Empty installations allow the installation of individual packages in a separate directory, without requiring performing a complete installation.

To create an empty installation, simply click Add Installation on the Welcome screen, and select the Empty installation checkbox option in the New Installation Wizard. This will allow you to create an empty installation based on the selected baseline within the chosen directory. Afterwards, individual packages may be chosen to be installed.

Note: Any dependencies related to the selected baseline installation will be resolved during an empty installation, which may result in more packages being installed than expected.

Phantom installations

To avoid having to install all the dependencies that come along with a selected package, you may choose to install Phantom packages. These are packages that are considered to be installed but are not actually on disk. This method also provides a way to perform quick installation checks without having to actually install anything.

To perform a baseline Phantom installation, initiate a regular installation but check the Phantom Installation check box after selecting your installation directory. Once a baseline Phantom installation is complete, you may install individual packages on disk by right-clicking on the package and selecting the Repair action, or by installing new packages from the Available tab.

Download only

Another way to avoid dependency resolution is to download individual packages by right-clicking on an available package and selecting the Download Only action.

Once the package has been downloaded this way, QNX Software Center does not manage it anymore. To install the package, unpack it using the tar command.