Install updates

Updated: September 12, 2023

The QNX Software Center automatically displays product updates that you are entitled to.

Installing one or more updates

Note: The Updates tab supports the same package-selection and sorting methods as the Available tab. See Install addon packages for details.

To install an update for installed package:

  1. In the Welcome screen, click Check for Package Updates.
  2. In the Updates tab, select the update or updates you wish to install, then right-click and select Install.

    Alternatively, go to the Installed tab and find the package you want to update. Right-click the package and select Update to see a list of updates for the package, then pick a specific version.

  3. Make sure that the update you want to install is checked, then click Next.
  4. Review the list of packages that the QNX Software Center will install, then click Finish.

    When installation is complete, you'll see the update in the Installed tab.

You don’t have to worry about installing updates in a specific order. The QNX Software Center manages dependencies for you.

Installing all updates

To install all available updates, click Select All in the Updates tab, then click Install.

Note: You can also downgrade a package to a previous version. See Downgrade a package to a previous version for more information.

Installation Reporting

Package summary

Click Show Package Summary before an installation to view a detailed summary of the package or packages being installed or uninstalled, including links to the release notes.

File summary

Click Show File Summary before an installation to view a report of files being added, removed or changed.

The following types of changes may occur:

The file has been added.
The file has been removed.
The file has been changed.
The file has been updated but it is exactly the same as before.
The checksum is different but code is the the same - this is done by checking the checksum of the binary.

This report can also be exported as text or in a CSV file.