Downgrade a package to a previous version

Updated: September 12, 2023

The QNX Software Center allows you to downgrade an installed package to a previous version.

Downgrading a package removes all files that belong to the package and replaces them with files from a previous version of package. It also removes any files added to the package.

To downgrade an installed package:

  1. Go to the Installed tab, then right-click the package and select Downgrade.

    The QNX Software Center calculates system requirements and displays an Available Updates dialog.

  2. Make sure that the package version you want to install is checked, then click Next.
  3. Review the list of packages that the QNX Software Center will install, then click Finish.

    When installation is complete, you'll see the downgraded package in the Installed tab.

Note: You cannot a downgrade a package to a previous version if other installed packages depend on the existing and more recent version.