QNX® Software Center

Updated: September 12, 2023

The QNX Software Center (QSC) enables you to create and manage installations of the QNX Software Development Platform (SDP) and related products. The documentation for the QSC consists of the following guides:

myQNX License Manager and QNX Software Center User's Guide

Explains how to use the myQNX License Manager and the QNX Software Center.

Creating and Deploying Installations of QNX SDP in Large Organizations

Explains how to perform unattended installation of the QSC and the QNX SDP, and how to create deployed installations of QNX SDP.

Technical support options

For information about technical support for any BlackBerry QNX product, go to the Support area on our website: https://blackberry.qnx.com/en/support. You'll find a range of support options.

Typographical conventions

For typographical conventions used in our documentation, please see conventions.