Make the most of technical support

Updated: September 12, 2023

If you ever experience an issue that may require technical support, here are a few things you can do to help resolve the issue as fast as possible:

Before you call, read the technotes

Sometimes, you can avoid a support call together altogether by consulting the QNX Software Center Technotes. To access the technotes, visit or the QNX Product Documentation page (

The QNX Software Center Technotes help you address issues that might occur when you are installing packages, activating products, or connecting to the myQNX server.

Verify your installation

The Verify Installation feature can detect and repair various issues in an installation, such as missing, unexpected, or modified files. It also identifies the severity of any issues.

To verify and repair an installation, see Verify and Repair in this guide.

Check the log files

Every time it runs, the QNX Software Center generates a text-based log file in the .qnx/swupdate subdirectory of your home directory. The filename is qnxsoftwarecenter-number.log, where number can range from 0 (newest log) to 9 (oldest log).

Use the clipboard feature to report product activation issues

When you attempt to activate or deactivate a product in the License Key perspective, the QNX Software Center displays a popup dialog that contains a Copy to Clipboard button. The information generated by this button can be key to resolving product activation issues.