Configure your proxy settings

Updated: May 29, 2023

If you launch the QNX Software Center and see a popup dialog like the one below, your workstation probably sits behind a proxy server.

If the dialog appears, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your workstation has a live Internet connection. If it does, you need to configure the QNX Software Center's proxy settings so it can use the connection to access the myQNX server.
  2. Click Update Proxy Settings and Retry to open the Proxy Connections dialog. (You can also access this dialog by selecting Window > Preferences > Proxy Connections.)
  3. Under Proxy type, click HTTP/HTTPS.
    Note: The Proxy Connections dialog also contains an option for the SOCKS proxy type, but the option isn't supported.
  4. Under HTTP/HTTPS settings, uncheck Use system settings to configure the proxy manually. (When Use system settings is checked, the QNX Software Center tries to use the default proxy setting of your workstation.)
  5. If your proxy server handles both protocols, enter its hostname (or IP address) and port number into the HTTPS Proxy field.

    If, however, you have separate servers for HTTPS and HTTP, uncheck Proxy handles both HTTPS and HTTP, then enter their respective hostnames and ports into the HTTPS Proxy and HTTP Proxy fields.

    If you're specifying an IPv6 address for a proxy server, you need to enclose the hostname in brackets to separate it from the port number: [hostname]:port

  6. Click the Test connection button. If prompted, enter your proxy credentials and click OK. (The QNX Software Center doesn't save the credentials at this point.)
    Note: In many corporate networks, the proxy server is integrated with the corporate network login mechanism. So, when prompted for your proxy credentials, try using your normal network user name and password. If that doesn't work, ask your IT department for the correct credentials.
  7. Wait for a notice stating that the connection succeeded. If the connection doesn't succeed, you may need to enter different proxy settings or credentials.
  8. If the connection succeeds, click Apply, then click OK.
  9. If prompted, enter your proxy credentials, then click OK.

The QNX Software Center should now connect to the myQNX server and allow you to log in to the myQNX server with your myQNX credentials. If not, see Trust certificates from your proxy server and see also the QNX Software Center Technotes: