Migrate from an evaluation license to a commercial license

Updated: September 12, 2023

When you migrate from an evaluation license to a commercial license, activation of your commercial license key typically occurs automatically. Follow these steps only if auto-activation fails, in which case the QNX Software Center will display an activation error message.

To activate your product if auto-activation fails:

  1. Go to the Welcome screen of the QNX Software Center and click Manage License Keys.

    If your license administrator has deployed a commercial license to you, its key should appear in the License Key perspective. If you don't see the key, visit your myQNX account profile (https://www.qnx.com/account/index.html) to check whether the license has, in fact, been deployed to you.

  2. Right-click the commercial license key and select Activate. The status of the product will, within a few seconds, change to Activated.

To add license keys or activate products on a system without an Internet connection, see Perform manual product activation.”

Note: If possible, obtain your commercial license before the end of your evaluation period. That way, you can ensure continuous access to product features.