The functions, macros, and data structures in the C library are described here in alphabetical order.

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The following are described elsewhere:

For information about: See:
S_ISBLK() stat()
S_ISCHR() stat()
S_ISDIR() stat()
S_ISFIFO() stat()
S_ISLNK() stat()
S_ISNAM() stat()
S_ISREG() stat()
S_ISSOCK() stat()
S_TYPEISMQ() stat()
S_TYPEISSEM() stat()
S_TYPEISSHM() stat()
save_reset_info_to_nv() shutdown_system()
shutdown_classify() shutdown_system()
shutdown_display() shutdown_system()
shutdown_done() shutdown_system()
shutdown_error() shutdown_system()
shutdown_process() shutdown_system()
shutdown_progress() shutdown_system()
shutdown_prompt() shutdown_system()
SIGEV_CLEAR_*() sigevent
SIGEV_GET_TYPE() sigevent
SIGEV_*_INIT() sigevent
SIGEV_MAKE_*() sigevent
SIGEV_SET_TYPE() sigevent
_SLOG_SETCODE() slogf()

The following have been deprecated:

Instead of: Use:
sbrk() malloc()
scalbf() scalbn()
SCTP No replacement
sctp_bindx() No replacement
sctp_connectx() No replacement
sctp_freeladdrs() No replacement
sctp_freepaddrs() No replacement
sctp_getladdrs() No replacement
sctp_getpaddrs() No replacement
sctp_peeloff() No replacement
sctp_recvmsg() No replacement
sctp_sendmsg() No replacement
setpriority() pthread_setschedparam() or SchedSet()
significand() scalbn( x, -ilogb( x ))
significandf() scalbnf( x, -ilogbf( x ))
spin_destroy() pthread_spin_destroy()
spin_init() pthread_spin_init()
spin_lock() pthread_spin_lock()
spin_trylock() pthread_spin_trylock()
spin_unlock() pthread_spin_unlock()
SyncCreate() SyncTypeCreate()
SyncCreate_r() SyncTypeCreate_r()

Note the following:

This chapter describes the API components whose names begin with "S".