Access multiple versions of a product

Updated: September 12, 2023

The myQNX License Manager has a product collection feature that enables users to access multiple versions of certain products.

Using this feature, you can request access to the newer or previous version of a product. In response, the license manager will create a collection that contains the requested version as well as your current version.

The user of a product collection gains access to all product versions in the collection. For example, if you are managing a QNX SDP 7.0 product and request an upgrade to release 7.1, the two versions will form a product collection, and the user can install, activate, and use both versions.

The product collection feature helps simplify renewal of support plans. For example, in the above scenario, renewing the support plan for the 7.1 product version will also renew the support plan for the 7.0 product version.

You can issue a product collection request for a product either before or after you deploy the product to a user. In fact, you can issue the request regardless of whether the product status is Available, Deployed, or Activated.

To determine whether a product is supported by the product collection feature, look at the product's Available Actions field. The field will contain an Upgrade button or a Get Previous Version button.

Before you begin...

Before you issue a product collection request for a product, note the following:

Making a product collection request

Note: Before you begin, we recommend you select “Show All entries” so you can see all of your eligible products at a glance.

If a product is eligible, its Available Actions field will display an Upgrade or Get Previous Version button.

To submit a request for a single product, simply click the button.

To submit a request for multiple products all at once:

  1. In the first column on the left, click the checkbox of each desired product. To select all products, click the checkbox at the top of the column.
  2. Click the dropdown icon at the top of the column, then select Upgrade or Get Previous Version.

In response, the Available Actions field displays an “in progress” message and the request is issued to BlackBerry QNX. When BlackBerry QNX processes the request—typically within two business days—the following changes will occur:

Note: Remember that the processing of a product collection request can take two business days. A user can't access the requested product version until the process is completed.