Making the program your own

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To turn this default program into your own first QNX OS program, you can modify and extend the source code we just created. Try some of our sample programs and copy code from them into your project. And now that you've started, you'll probably want a lot more information, such as how to create your own threads, how the QNX OS message-passing works, which process-synchronization methods are available, how to get access to I/O areas, or how to build a QNX OS resource manager. But don't worry: all this is (almost) as simple as the quick start you just experienced!

The IDE includes a number of tutorials to help you get started. Choose Help > Welcome from the IDE's toolbar, and then click the Tutorials icon: Tutorials
The IDE's Help system includes the QNX documentation, along with information about the Eclipse platform. In the Help menu, click Help Contents: Help Contents
The roadmap topic at the QNX Software Development Platform landing page will help you find out where to look in the documentation for the information you need. We recommend browsing the QNX OS System Architecture guide, the IDE User's Guide, and the QNX OS Programmer's Guide. If you've used earlier versions of QNX SDP, see also Migrating to QNX OS 8.0. Help in the IDE
The IDE even includes source code examples covering thread creation, usage of mutexes, message-passing and other methods of interprocess communication, as well as a QNX OS resource-manager template. Choose Help > Welcome, and then click the Samples icon: Samples

The source features extensive comments, explaining what is done there. For every function you are interested in, you also should consult the QNX OS C Library Reference; for utilities, see the Utilities Reference.

While you explore the QNX OS and its SDK, you will probably have further questions. Please contact your QNX Account Manager, Field Application Engineer, or our support department, and visit our Foundry27 community website ( We want to be with you from the start, because we are successful only if you are!

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