QNX® Software Development Platform

The tiles below will help you find your way around the documentation for the QNX Software Development Platform. Here you'll find a comprehensive library of titles to help you understand the QNX OS and its tools so you can develop and deploy superior realtime embedded systems. If you're new to the QNX OS, you should start with the Quickstart Guide and QNX OS System Architecture; if you've used an earlier version of QNX SDP, see Migrating to QNX OS 8.0.


This guide will help you install the QNX Software Development Platform and and quickly develop a program so you can run it on a target.

QNX OS System Architecture

Describes the philosophy and architecture of the microkernel, resource managers, processes, threads, message-passing services, and more.

OS Components

These guides explain how to use the QNX OS components.


These guides and references explain how to use graphics.


These books explain how to develop software for QNX OS systems.

System Security Guide

The QNX System Security Guide is intended for both system integrators who are responsible for the security of a system and developers who want to create a resource manager free from vulnerabilities.

Utilities & Libraries

These references describe the functions, data structures, utilities, etc. for the QNX OS, and the APIs of general-purpose libraries.

Migrating to QNX OS 8.0

Describes how to adapt your programs, buildfiles, and so on if you're moving from QNX OS 7.1 to QNX OS 8.0.

Technical support options

For information about technical support for any BlackBerry QNX product, go to the Support area on our website: https://blackberry.qnx.com/en/support. You'll find a range of support options.

Typographical conventions

For typographical conventions used in our documentation, please see conventions.

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