4. Compiling and linking

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Now you can build your program.

You need to select compilation with debug information. To do this, choose Run or Debug from the launch bar: Choosing Debug

To build the code into an executable binary, click the Build button (Build icon) or right-click the project name and select Build Project. The compiler and linker will now do their work, using the makefile that the IDE generated when you created the project.

You will find the compiler output in the Console view, including any errors (you shouldn't see any errors, but we've added one in the example below): Compile errors in the Console view
If errors occur during compiling, you will find the Problems view more useful, because it displays the output of the compiler in an interpreted and more readable fashion than the Console view: Compile errors in the Problems view
The Editor view also gives you information about an error if you leave the pointer over it: Compile errors in the Editor view
After the build operation finishes, your binaries will be displayed in the Binaries folder. Physically, they're located in subdirectories named for the CPU architectures, within the build directory for your project. Binaries
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