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The C Library Reference describes the C functions, data types, and protocols that are included as part of the QNX OS.

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An overview of what you'll find in each entry What's in a Function Description?
Descriptions of the manifests that you can use for compile-time changes or inspection Manifests
Describes the character sets and C standard environment macros that QNX OS supports. Character Sets
Complete safety information Full Safety Information
Terms used in QNX OS documentation Glossary
  • Some entries in this document refer to undefined behavior. In some cases, such behavior is caused by programming errors (e.g., using conflicting flags) and could cause harm (e.g., memory corruption, the failure of threads to run); in other cases, it consists of implementation details that we don't guarantee and that could change (e.g., the order in which certain things happen). Don't rely on any behavior that you observe in these situations.
  • Some functions return specific values (e.g., -1) to indicate that an error occurred, but aren't documented as returning specific values for success. You can interpret any other value as success, but don't make any assumptions about specific values. For example, MsgReply() is documented as returning -1 if an error occurred; don't assume that it returns 0 to indicate success. See also Returns in the What's in a Function Description? chapter.

For information about programming in QNX OS, see Getting Started with the QNX OS and the QNX OS Programmer's Guide.

For information about licensing, see Licensing information in Typographical Conventions, Support, and Licensing.

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