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This User's Guide describes version 8.0 of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that's part of the QNX Tool Suite. The guide introduces you to the QNX Momentics IDE by explaining the QNX development environment and how to build, run, and debug your QNX OS applications and systems. It then describes scenarios for analyzing memory usage and finding errors in applications.

This guide assumes the following:
  • On your host, you've installed the QNX Software Development Platform (SDP), which includes the QNX Tool Suite.
  • You're familiar with the System Architecture guide of QNX OS.
  • You can write code in C or C++.
  • You can edit makefiles and in particular, add compiling and linking options when needed.
  • You're comfortable using the Eclipse platform.
The following table may help you find information quickly:
To: Go to:
Start the IDE and set the workspace location Starting the IDE
Learn about the differences between QNX Momentics IDE and Eclipse and where to find Eclipse documentation Get to know Eclipse
Create a target connection so you can launch applications on a remote machine Creating a target connection
Develop and run an application Developing Projects with the IDE
Find and fix problems in a program, using GDB and other debugging tools Debugging Applications
Write and run unit tests and measure their code coverage Unit Testing
Monitor memory usage, analyze heap activity, and find memory corruption and leaks Analyzing Memory Usage and Finding Memory Problems
Monitor performance, profile applications, and investigate performance bottlenecks Analyzing Performance
Run system-wide diagnostics tools to assess system behavior Analyzing System Behavior
Build images for QNX OS target systems Building QNX OS Images
Learn about the QNX perspectives QNX perspectives
See the full list of launch configuration properties QNX launch configuration properties
Understand the integrated development aid tools Integrated tools
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