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Software Optimization Techniques for Multi-Core Processors

February 2008
9 pages
Software Optimization Techniques for Multi-Core Processors

This paper provides examples of multicore optimization techniques and discusses how developers can use visualization tools to characterize multicore behavior and measure performance improvements. The paper explores how developers can use threading models to create multiple concurrent tasks and parallel processing; it also discusses how to minimize lock contention by using mutexes to engineer the optimal level of lock granularity.


Introduction — Putting All the Cores to Work: Multiprocessing Models — Asymmetric Multiprocessing — Symmetric Multiprocessing — Using Visualization Tools to Optimize the Software — Visualizing Multicore Execution — Detecting and Reducing Resource Contention [+]

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Kerry Johnson

Kerry Johnson

Kerry Johnson is a Product Manager at QNX, which he joined in 2005. Before joining QNX, Kerry worked in similar capacities — as Product Manager or as Director of Product Management — in a number of technology companies, including Research In Motion, Innovance, Nortel, and Cambrian Networks.

Kerry Johnson studied at the University of Regina.

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