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Using Static and Runtime Analysis to Improve Developer Productivity and Product Quality

April 2008
17 pages
Using Static and Runtime Analysis to Improve Developer Productivity and Product Quality

Static analysis can uncover a variety of defects and weaknesses in system source code, even before the code is ready to run. Runtime analysis, on the other hand, looks at running software to detect problems as they occur, usually through sophisticated instrumentation. This paper begins with static analysis, then explores runtime analysis, and, finally, discusses how developers can combine static and runtime analysis to prevent regressions as a product matures.


Combining the Best of Both Worlds — Early Detection for Lower Development Costs — Static Analysis — Runtime Analysis Techniques — Combining Analysis Workflows in the Developer's Environment — The Role of RTOS Architectur — The Bottom Line [+]

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Paul Leroux

Paul Leroux

Paul Leroux is an award-winning writer, technology analyst, and public relations manager. He has been with QNX Software Systems for more than 20 years, where he is particularly valued for his knowledge of the embedded industry and for his ability to explain complex technical issues to both specialists and non-specialists.

Leroux maintains the blog On Q, which he describes as "a personal mashup of QNX, cars, embedded systems, M2M, and photography."

When he is not writing whitepapers or blogging, Leroux is an avid snowshoer and wildlife photographer. He holds a B.A. and an M.A., both from Concordia University in Montreal.

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