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Memory Errors in Embedded Systems

July 2010
12 pages
Memory Errors in Embedded Systems

To address the challenges presented by memory errors, developers can take advantage of tools for memory analysis and debugging, and OS architectures that minimize the impact of memory errors on the system. This paper discusses memory analysis techniques for solving memory problems such as heap corruption and memory leaks; and memory profiling for optimization of memory use in embedded systems.


Introduction Memory Errors Heap Corruption Memory Leaks Memory Analysis Memory Profiling RTOS Architectures
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Elena Laskavaia

Elena Laskavaia

Elena Laskavaia is currently the Technical Lead for the QNX IDE/Tools group, specializing in application profiling, memory analysis and debugging tools. Before joining QNX, she designed static analysis tools for C, C++ and Java at Klocwork.

Elena is the author of several technical articles, including: "Real-time garbage collection techniques for functional languages" (1996), "Visualization of control structures for procedural languages" (1998), and "Memory Profiling for Embedded Systems" (2008).

She earned a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and is a committer on the Eclipse CDT project (C/C++ Development tools).

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