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Solutions in "PPC" and Subcategories
 Solution Title Related Cases Last Modified Date
 Composition Manager tutorial and demos 1 6/10/2010
 OpenGL rendering with different threads 1 9/3/2010
 Incorrect title metadata in qdb for external media devices 1 9/1/2010
 Support for T-Mobile web-n-walk mobile broadband USB stick 1 9/1/2010
 CTA Support for IDPS and IdentifyDeviceLingoes 1 9/1/2010
 ftpd configuration using chroot on 6.4.0 or 6.4.2 1 11/11/2022
 Thread in STOPPED state 1 6/9/2010
 "umass_bulk_reset" error messages on some USB flash memory devices 1 6/14/2010
 mme_get_event() failed with EBUSY (Resource Busy) 1 6/11/2010
 Serial port read issue (with unblocking) 1 6/16/2010
 iPod audio 'playback time' delays and jitter 1 6/10/2010
 Lauterbach kernel debugging & missing symbols 1 6/10/2010
 Flash filesystem fluctuating write times 1 6/11/2010
 Migrating from QNX632 gcc-3.4.4 PPC-BE-SPE compiler to QNX650 1 9/1/2010
 Random io-audio crash 1 6/18/2010
 Problems with recognition/playback of MP3 file in MME 1 6/10/2010
 Some details of the chkdosfs utility 1 6/11/2010
 Support Status for HE-AAC in QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite 1.2.0 1 6/10/2010
 Photon Utility for Image Conversion 1 6/15/2010
 Custom logo not uploaded to iPod in heavily loaded system 1 6/15/2010
 Large corrupted mp3 causes high CPU usage 1 6/18/2010
 Q&A about the values of 'in_str_encoding_hint' and 'convert_to_utf8()' 1 9/1/2010
 The 'noatime' fs option gets unset after remounting a filesystem with 'mount -u' 1 9/1/2010
 Occassional io-media crash playing MP4 files 1 9/1/2010
 io-media QuickMetadataScan enabled, VBR files don't FF/FR 1 9/1/2010
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