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Hardware Database

Hardware Database

Our supported hardware database is updated regularly with the latest information on processors, filesystems, character I/O, drivers, and more. Please use the tools below to find out if your hardware is supported.

If the hardware you are interested is not listed in this database, please contact a sales representative. We may support your device, chipset or board in an upcoming release or an unannounced development project. Our professional services team works with a variety of silicon and device vendors to help you stay on task and ahead of schedule.

Click here to view a list of supported BSPs.
Click here to view supported hardware for QNX RTOS v4.

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Search All Hardware
Search our entire publicly available supported hardware database. Alternatively, you may select any of the following devices to search a subset of the hardware database.
USB Devices
Devices supported on USB bus, including mice, keyboards, printers, and mass storage.
Block I/O
Drivers supporting SCSI, EIDE, CD-ROM, Flash filesystems.
PCI, ISA, and AGP video cards and on-board video chipsets.
External and on-board audio devices and chipsets.
PC Card
PCMCIA, CardBus and other PC Card based devices.
Character I/O
Serial and parallel port controllers.
Line printers, laster printers, jet ink printers and filters.
Input - General
Keyboard, mouse and generic input devices.
Input - Touchscreen
Touch screen and other hybrid input devices.
Networking - Wired
Chipsets supporting ISA, PCI, and Single-Chip Ethernet devices.
Networking - Wireless
Chipsets for WiFi and other wireless devices.