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"umass_bulk_reset" error messages on some USB flash memory devices
There are some USB flash memory devices that don't seem to be properly recognized or mounted by the devb-umass block driver. When this is seen, upon checking the system log with 'sloginfo' a message such as the following can be seen in the output:
umass_bulk_reset: path 0, devno 1

With the devices in question, it was found that they were taking an extended period of time to reply to the "SCSI Inquiry". The timeout for this value is hard-coded.

In 6.3.2 the value was 8 seconds.
In 6.4.x, there was a side effect to a particular change that set this value at 2 seconds.

In the case of the USB sticks in question, this 2 second value was not sufficient. The value has been increased to ~10 seconds as a result of PR#74501. This update is part of future (post 6.4.1) software releases.

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