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Subcategories in "Aviage Multimedia Suite"
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Solutions in "Aviage Multimedia Suite" and Subcategories
 Solution Title Related Cases Last Modified Date
 QNX Neutrino 6.4.0 i.MX35 BSP - Multimedia Support 1 2/21/2024
 Audio Waveform Inversion in xing_mpega_decoder.so 1 3/7/2024
 Comment metadata cannot be retrieved from WMA files 1 2/28/2024
 Playlists from MAC OSs that contain "CRLF" are not supported 1 2/28/2024
 SSR data support in m4a files on Jacinto 1 3/5/2024
 mme_get_event() failed with EBUSY (Resource Busy) 1 3/1/2024
 iPod audio 'playback time' delays and jitter 1 3/4/2024
 MP3/AAC files with ID3 tag genre equal to 147/Synthpop not published 1 3/5/2024
 AAC/MP3 ID3 tag genre 61 mapped to "Christian Rock" instead of "Christian Rap" 1 3/5/2024
 Problems with recognition/playback of MP3 file in MME 1 3/21/2024
 Large corrupted mp3 causes high CPU usage 1 3/21/2024
 Q&A about the values of 'in_str_encoding_hint' and 'convert_to_utf8()' 1 3/21/2024
 Incorrect title metadata in qdb for external media devices 1 3/22/2024
 Composition Manager - Application layer cannot target certain pixel formats 1 3/5/2024
 USB mediastore displays VCD type 1 3/5/2024
 ipod video folders showing double 'all' folders 1 3/5/2024
 Distinguish between mme_stop and mme_setspeed 0 1 3/5/2024
 Multiple track changes on iPod could trigger io-media-generic to spin in a loop 1 3/5/2024

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