Creating the channel

This implies that the server has to create a channel—this is the thing that the client connected to when it issued the ConnectAttach() function call. Once the channel has been created, the server usually leaves it up forever.

The channel gets created via the ChannelCreate() function, and destroyed via the ChannelDestroy() function:

#include <sys/neutrino.h>

int ChannelCreate  (unsigned flags);

int ChannelDestroy (int chid);

We'll come back to the flags argument later (in the "Channel flags" section, below). For now, let's just use a 0. Therefore, to create a channel, the server issues:

int  chid;

chid = ChannelCreate (0);

So we have a channel. At this point, clients could connect (via ConnectAttach()) to this channel and start sending messages:

Figure 1. Relationship between a server channel and a client connection.