QNX Commercial Software License

Developers licensed under the QNX Commercial Software License Agreement (CSLA) are those looking to leverage QNX technology for commercial gain. These developers need a commercial license for the QNX Momentics® Development Tools (Momentics Tools) and a runtime distribution license for any QNX Neutrino® RTOS (Neutrino RTOS) and optional Aviage™ middleware products they have embedded into products that they either want to use themselves or ship to others. Collectively the Momentics Tools, Neutrino RTOS and optional Aviage middleware products are known as the “QNX Development Suite”.

Development Rights

The CSLA allows you to use the Momentics Tools to develop commercial products that include runtime components of the Neutrino RTOS (or derivatives thereof) and optionally runtime components of the Aviage middleware products. License terms for Aviage middleware products are provided in an addendum to the CSLA. Another addendum to the CSLA is used to describe the QNX Standard Support service terms.

If you want to evaluate the QNX Development Suite before you start any commercial development, then you should check out the free 60 day evaluation license available under our QNX Evaluation, Non-Commercial & Academic End User License Agreement.

We also offer a full range of technical support and services.

Redistribution Rights

Once you create a product that includes QNX technology and you wish to ship it to others, or use it internally as an end user, you will need a runtime distribution license. This license allows you to make copies of specified QNX runtime software, to embed them into your product, and to distribute / sublicense that product either internally or to others.

To encourage open sharing of modifications to QNX runtime products, all of the QNX Momentics Development Tool licenses, including the CSLA, provide a limited right to redistribute derivative works to community members within the Foundry27 website for free.

Commercial End Users

If you received a product with a QNX license sticker or QNX License Certificate, please review our End User Information page.

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If you are using QNX2 or QNX4 software, the applicable license agreement is the QNX 4.x / 2.x End User License Agreement.

For those who are purchasing or have purchased QNX Development Suite licenses for versions earlier than 6.3.2, we maintain an archive of our license agreements and the associated License Guides and Third Party Terms Lists. Please refer to our document archive page to access these documents.

For further information on commercial licenses, please contact us at licensing@qnx.com.