QNX Evaluation, Non-Commercial & Academic End User License Agreement

Developers licensed under the QNX Evaluation, Non-Commercial & Academic End User License Agreement (NCEULA) are those looking to learn more about the QNX Momentics® Tool Suite (Momentics Tools), and QNX Neutrino® RTOS (Neutrino RTOS) (delivered together as the Software Development Platform) and/or to use the Software Development Platform for authorized non-commercial purposes. These developers fall into one of three classes of licensees: Evaluators, Non-Commercial Developers and Academic Faculty. In some circumstances, the NCEULA may be extended to allow certain of these developers to also access optional QNX middleware software, although it is expected that the availability of licenses for QNX middleware under this agreement may be very limited.


If you are new to QNX technology and want to try the Software Development Platform before you buy a commercial license, the Evaluation license provides you with a 30 day license to use the software for:

We hope that most people who apply for an evaluation license will go on to become commercial users.

Non-Commercial Developers

Non-Commercial Developers are allowed to do just about anything with their licensed copies of the QNX Software Development Platform, provided they are used for personal use and not for a commercial undertaking. If your goal is to make money by using QNX software, then please look at the QNX Commercial Software License Agreement or the QNX Partner Software License Agreement.

With a strong emphasis on the non-commercial, as a Non-Commercial Developer you can:

Academic Faculty

Academic Faculty licenses are available to faculty members at not-for-profit accredited educational institutions to teach classroom or lab courses at those institutions, subject to the NCEULA and certain additional Academic Faculty license terms. As an Academic Faculty licensee you are allowed to install the QNX Software Development Platform on multiple development seats to establish a classroom or lab environment or group research project, using the institution’s computers for shared use by students who have agreed to use software in accordance with the license terms.

Related Information

The NCEULA incorporates by reference:

We maintain an archive of our license agreements (including the NCEULA) for each product version, along with the associated License Guides and Third Party License Terms Lists. Please refer to our document archive page to access these documents.

For further information on Non-Commercial licenses, please contact us at licensing@qnx.com.