QNX Partner Software License Agreement

Developers licensed under the QNX Partner Software License Agreement (PSLA) are those looking to leverage QNX® technology for commercial gain by offering complementary products or services to mutual customers. Normally such activities require a QNX Commercial Software License Agreement (CSLA). However, we offer a free license to the QNX Momentics® ToolSuite (Momentics Tools), and QNX Neutrino® RTOS (Neutrino RTOS), under the PSLA to eligible technology parters to encourage participation in the large and growing QNX ecosystem. In some circumstances, technology partners also be eligible to license certain optional QNX middleware software under the PSLA.

Highlights of the PSLA rights and restrictions are outlined below. If the PSLA does not clearly cover your intended activities, then you may need a QNX Commercial Software License Agreement. We reserve the right to withdraw your QNX Partner Software License Agreement if we believe your activities are not within the spirit of the PSLA.


Under the PSLA, Partners are independent technology partners who create Partner Products (i.e. generally available products (other than end-use products) that run on, interoperate with or enable the Neutrino RTOS). As a Partner under the PSLA, you can:

Creating derivative works of QNX runtime software with the intent to distribute them for a fee requires commercial development and distribution licenses; contact your QNX partner representative if you have questions.

Related Information

The PSLA incorporates by reference:

We maintain an archive of our license agreements (including the PSLA) for each product version, along with the associated License Guides and Third Party License Terms Lists. Please refer to our document archive page to access these documents.

For further information on Partner licenses, please contact us at licensing@qnx.com.