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Testing as a road to confidence-from-use

May 2014
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Testing as a road to confidence-from-use

The role of testing in software-based systems has changed significantly in the past few years. The 2013 release of the ISO/IEC 29119 software testing standard reflects this change, though the move towards risk-based rather than requirement-based testing had already been adopted, either tacitly or explicitly, by most test groups. The testing of a software system can now be seen as a means of producing evidence of confidence-in-use rather than a demonstration of the correctness of the system.

Testing as a road to confidence-from use

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The challenges -

The software state space -

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Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs is a kernel developer at QNX, specializing in "sufficiently-available" software: software created with the minimum development effort to meet the availability and reliability needs of the customer; and in producing safe software (in conformance with IEC61508 SIL3). He is also a specialist in WBEM/CIM device, network and service management, and the author of A Practical Approach to WBEM/CIM Management (2004).

In addition to his software development work, Chris is a flying instructor, a singer with a particular interest in Schubert's Lieder, and the author of several books, including Learning to Fly in Canada (2000) and The Largest Number Smaller than Five (2007). His blog, Software Musings, focuses "primarily on software and analytical philosophy".

Chris Hobbs earned a B.Sc., Honours in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Philosophy at the University of London's Queen Mary and Westfield College.

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