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Building Embedded Industrial Applications with PPS

September 2011
5 pages
Building Embedded Industrial Applications with PPS

A Persistent Publish/Subscribe (PPS) messaging model is an excellent choice for embedded industrial systems which must integrate many disparate devices and components, as well as support a sophisticated Human-Machine Interface (HMI). PPS messaging simplifies the design of these systems and facilitates implementation of HMIs built with disparate technologies, such as HTML5, OpenGL ES, Qt, Elektrobit Guide or Crank Storyboard.


Introduction — Asynchronous Messaging — Send/Receive/Reply — Persistent Publish/Subscribe — An Object-based System — Persistence — System Scalability — Reference Application — Simplified Architecture — Conclusion [+]

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Ben VandenBelt

Ben VandenBelt

Ben VandenBelt joined QNX in 2006, and is currently a developer on the QNX industrial design team. Before coming to QNX, Ben worked on ASIC hardware development and telecom software at Nortel.

Ben has a B.Eng. in Computer Science from Carleton University, where he continues taking courses on subjects such as biomedical engineering and—not surprisingly—realtime operating system design. He is an avid cycler and snowboarder, and hopes to continue these types of activities with his son, who is learning to skate before he can walk.

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