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Reference materials highlighting technology and business issues affecting the embedded industry.....
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VxWorks Porting Guides   
Whitepapers that outline the phases of application development/ porting, looks at various porting strategies, and presents the similarities and differences between QNX Neutrino and VxWorks. 
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2009 August 20th Read More    QNX Industrial Software Architecture

As industrial feature demands change, and the need for more advanced connectivity, safety, and functionality requirements evolve, equipment makers are faced with increasing software development and integration challenges. The QNX industrial software architecture offers the flexibility required to develop advanced software systems that meet the varied and dynamic needs of todays industrial market.
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2009 February 26th Read More    QNX Connected Automotive Reference

Quickly develop in-vehicle systems with a high level of functionality and reliability while dramatically improving the software development process with an integrated set of software solutions and services
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2008 July 25th Read More    Bridging the Gap between Open and Commercial Software

By combining the ease of access of the open source model with the quality and discipline of the commercial model, a hybrid software model offers a number of benefits, including greater productivity, earlier access to bug fixes and new technology, and faster problem resolution.
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2008 May 26th Read More    Adobe Flash in Embedded-Produkten

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2008 May 26th Read More    Senkung der Entwicklungskosten fr industrielle Steuerungssysteme durch Ressourcenpartitionierung

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2008 May 26th Read More    Strategien zur Migration auf Multicore-Prozessoren

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2008 February 18th Read More    Using Adobe Flash to Create Dynamic Human Machine Interfaces

Using Adobe Flash technology in embedded devices can reduce HMI design time by up to half. However, it takes skill to ensure interfaces remain small and reliable, perform consistently under all load conditions, and interact gracefully with other programs. This whitepaper explores the design choices to consider when working with Adobe Flash technology including the importance of priority control and real-time performance.
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2007 February 13th Read More    Getting the Most out of Eclipse CDT

Eclipse CDT has become the de facto standard for developing embedded C/C++ applications. Find out whats new, whats coming, and what extensions are available for debugging and optimizing your software projects.
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2007 February 13th Read More    Software Design Choices for Multimedia-Enabled Devices

By using a modular, component-based design, system integrators can build systems flexible enough to support new media formats and new DRM techniques, yet reliable enough for the most demanding markets.
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2007 February 13th Read More    Using Memory Analysis to Create Leaner, Faster, More Reliable Embedded Systems Feb 2007

Managing memory efficiently is just as important as managing it reliably. Thats why you need memory analysis tools that go the distance - from early detection of subtle errors to precise tuning of long-term memory usage.
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2007 February 13th Read More    Using Open Source Software to Create Successful Commercial Products

Using the highly successful QNX Momentics IDE as an example, this paper examines the benefits, strategies, obstacles, and opportunities associated with using open source in commercial products.
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2007 February 13th Read More    Using System Tracing Tools to Optimize Multi-Core Systems

By helping you visualize complex system behavior, system tracing tools make it far easier to troubleshoot and optimize a multi-core application.
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2007 February 13th Read More    Well-Tested, Well-Protected: Writing Device Drivers in User Space

By debugging a driver in user space, you can make memory violations easier to catch, take advantage of source-level debuggers, and eliminate the need to reboot your target every time the driver faults.
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2007 January 15th Read More    Is Linux Appropriate for Embedded Systems?

The selection of an operating system is one of the most important decisions facing development teams, one that ultimately defines product capabilities. The architecture and features of the chosen operating system have far-reaching implications throughout the definition, development, and deployment of the end product. This is particularly true of embedded systems, which typically have extended product life cycles and availability requirements.
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2006 November 1st Read More    Security as a Core Competency of QNX Neutrino RTOS

In this paper, security expert Eugen Bacic explores the tenets of software security and explains how QNX Neutrino provides an environment that is secure, stable, and reliable.
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2005 February 9th Read More    Instant-On Technology for In-Car Telematics and Infotainment Systems

Mini-drivers are based on a simple concept: to make a peripheral device usable throughout the booting process.
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Read More    Achieving Shorter Development Cycles While Improving Product Reliability

The paper compares OS architectures and looks at how one approach, UPM architecture, helps developers redirect their efforts away from maintenance and back toward innovation.
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Read More    From Tightly Coupled to Network Distributed

Redefining software scalability for the network infrastructure.
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Read More    Implementing Device Drivers - Migrating from Linux to a Microkernel OS

A case study in migrating from Linux to a microkernel OS.
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Read More    Leveraging Multi-Core Processors for High-Performance Embedded Systems

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Read More    Lowering the Development Costs of Industrial Control Systems through Software Partitioning

By providing CPU guarantees for each software subsystem, partitioning can dramatically reduce software integration efforts.
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Read More    Making the Switch to RapidIO

Using a message-passing microkernel OS to realize the full potential of the RapidIO interconnect.
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Read More    Microkernel RTOSs Simplify Software Testability

By facilitating the development of modular, well-partitioned systems, a microkernel RTOS can make coding errors easier to detect, isolate, and repair.
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Read More    QNX Neutrino RTOS Kernel Benchmark Methodology

This document describes the outline and methodology of the QNX Neutrino kernel benchmarks suite, the results of which are available on a per-platform basis.
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Read More    Using SMP to Scale Data Plane & Control Plane Performance

An overview of SMP, comparison to other forms of multiprocessing, and what techniques developers can use.
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Read More    Using System Tracing Tools to Optimize Software Quality and Behavior

Tracing tools can provide insight into complex system interactions, allowing developers to root out logic flaws, reduce resource contention, resolve timing conflicts, track down memory errors, streamline components, and optimize performance.
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