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From Tightly Coupled to Network Distributed

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From Tightly Coupled to Network Distributed
Redefining software scalability for the network infrastructure.

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In their effort to build a comprehensive range of networking products, many equipment manufacturers have invested in an equally wide range of operating systems (OSs). The results are predictable: code cant be reused across products, engineers cant move quickly from one project to another, and the networking products themselves cant offer end-to-end consistency of software services and management tools much to the customers inconvenience. In this paper, we look at how a microkernel OS based on network-transparent IPC can address these issues by allowing applications to be coded once, then deployed across entire product lines. With this OS architecture, the same application can run on a single-processor device, be partitioned across a cluster of loosely coupled processors, or run on an SMP system, all without recoding or relinking. The net effect: less development effort, reduced testing, greater product consistency, and higher return on investment.