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SDP 7.0 ZCU102 BSP: Boot with the QNX IPL from QSPI flash storage
Applicable Environment:
Target: ZCU102 BSP
Release: 7.0

In the ZCU102 BSP User's Guide, the offset specified to write the QNX IFS image to QSPI flash storage is 0xC00000 (12M). Since the BOOT.BIN file size has increased (~ 25 MB), the QSPI mappings need to be changed in the IPL to successfully boot. Below is the summary:

--- IPL ---

In qspi.h (located in ../src/hardware/ipl/boards/xzynq-zcu102/):

- IFS Offset have been changed to 0x02000000
- Max size for BOOT.BIN and IFS has been increased to 32 MB.

--- reflash-image.sh and reflash-ipl.sh ---

- Changed the offset to 0x02000000 for the IFS
- Limit was increased to 32M for both, BOOT.BIN and IFS, when using flashctl.

The following relevant files are attached:

- qspi.h
- reflash-ipl.sh
- reflash-image.sh
- BOOT.BIN (built with the modified IPL)

The Bootgen utility, which is used in the mkflashimage script to rebuild the BOOT.BIN file, is available via the Xilinx website - https://www.xilinx.com/. For more information about Bootgen, please review the Bootgen User Guide:

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