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IDE Photon project fails with 'Can't Open: "Icon.wgti"' and abWfiles.t failed(2)
After creating a new IDE Photon project an error dialog appears saying:

"PhAB: Can't Open: "Icon.wgti". Please resolve the problem and re-try this operation. (No such file or directory)"

This is a known issue where the IDE does not create the Icon.wgti files. To address this error run the Generate UI command from the Phab menu.

Build -> Generate UI

However after that was run and the project has been saved another Dialog appears saying:

"Command '$QNX_HOST/usr/photon/bin/sort -u -oC:/ide-4.7-workspace/pt3/src/abWfiles.t C:/ide-4.7-workspace/pt3/src/abWfiles.t' failed (2)"

This is a different issue where the cygwin temp directory was not configured/present. To fix this simply create the following directories if they are not present:


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