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Making USB stick and CF cards Bootable
The card needs to be prepared like a standard boot media, like a hard drive or a memory stick. However this also means that one needs to boot a QNX desktop system at one point. The easiest way would be to boot the x86 CD and install a desktop system on the CF card. This can be done on the host as well as on the target.

Alternatively you could boot the x86 Neutrino CD and initialize the CF as a QNX boot media, using 'dinit' and 'dloader' to make the drive bootable and get the boot image onto the device.

Here's a simple procedure that can get you going quickly:
1. From a native QNX system go to /boot/build
2. Build a default OS image: mkifs bios.build bios.ifs
3. Create a partition on the card or USB stick if there isn't one yet like this:
# fdisk /dev/<device name>
Create a partition of type 77,78 or 79 and make it bootable.
4. Initialize the partition and copy the image to it:
dinit -hq -f /boot/build/bios.ifs /dev/<device>t<partition>
5. Install the loaders:
dloader /dev/hd10 pc1
dloader /dev/hd10t77 pc2
Reboot the system and the card should boot.

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