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RAID controllers in QNX 6
As of version 6.4.x, the QNX Neutrino RTOS does not have any support for RAID controllers.

Note that external, intelligent, hardware RAID controllers may work, because they are completely independent of the OS and don't require drivers or support beyond the normal IDE, ATA, SATA, etc, support. They present a simple IDE, SATA, etc, disk to the system and all of the RAID logic is handled in hardware. These are *not* devices which plug into a PCI or PCI express slot. They plug into an eSATA port, for example.

Please see the following Wikipedia explanation of external hardware RAID:


Here is an example of one such product. Although we have not tested it, we believe that it will work with QNX Neutrino:


Another option is NAS, Network Attached Storage.

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