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Debugging Floating License (flexnet publisher) Issues

Applicable Environment
  • Topic: Debugging Floating License (flexnet publisher) issues
  • SDP: 6.5.0, 6.6.0, 7.0.0, 7.1.0, 8.0.0
  • Host: Any supported host


If you have been assigned a floating license, you may encounter a license check error or flexnet error when using (not necessarily a complete list):
  • Momentics IDE
  • qcc
  • q++
  • mkxfs, mkifs, mkefs, mketfs, mkqfs
  • mkfatfsimg, mkqnx6fsimg
  • secpolcompile
We recommend that you review the Floating License Management Guide (PDF delivered with SDP documentation). It describes how to install the Floating License tools and how to configure a development host to use the floating license.

If you encounter floating license issues, you will need to capture information from your system and from the floating license server in order to debug.

With the floating license activated on your development host, launch a console:
  1. Set the applicable SDP env (i.e. qnxsdp-env.bat/sh)
  2. Make sure you have the floating license server configured (i.e. lmutil override option, QNXLM_LICENSE_FILE). You need to configure the port@host of your floating license server.
  3. ping <floating license server host>
    • Confirm that you can reach it
  4. lmutil lmpath -status
    • Is this pointing to the correct floating license server port/host?
  5. lmutil lmstat -a
    • Is this successfully querying the correct floating license serve?
    • It should report information about the server, the QNX vendor (QNXLM) and features like:
      • *** 6.5.0: P4F512, P4F2048
      • *** 6.6.0: P7F512, P7F2048
      • *** 7.0.0, 7.1.0, 8.0.0: P10F512, P10F2048
    • If "lmstat" reports errors, jump to "Recommendations" section
  6. ONLY FOR 6.6.0
    • SKIP "gcc" test. Go to step (9)
  7. ONLY FOR 7.0.0
    • ntox86_64-gcc -v
    • This needs to report [qnx700 1327] OR HIGHER
    • If it does not, you need to update your QNX Host Tools (via QSC) before proceeding OR skip "qcc" test and go to step (9)
  8. Run "qcc"
    • If you see "cc: no files to process", this is success
    • Otherwise, what is the flexnet error? Jump to "Recommendations" section.
  9. Run: <path_to>/qde.exe -consolelog
    • Is a flexnet error reported in the console log? Jump to "Recommendations" section.



  • If you see "license check failed", but no flexera/flexnet error messages, the issue is likely related to the QNX license activation:
    • ***Confirm that you have a license activated for the version of the SDP you are using. You can see the status of your licenses in QNX Software Center
    • *** Confirm that the QNX_* env variables are set. With a typical developer setup, QNX_CONFIGURATION needs to point to your.qnx folder. QNX licenses are stored in this folder.
  • If you see a flexnet error (i.e. FlexNet Licensing error:-1,359. System Error: 2 "No such file or directory"). Check the Flex License Administration Guide (enduser.pdf). Depending on the release, this is stored at different locations within the SDP/flex installation. This document provides information about error codes.
  • The floating license server (lmgrd) uses a port (this is used to configure the client). The vendor (QNXLM) uses a port. Confirm that both ports are open.
    • *** If you do not have access to the floating license server, you'll need to contact the server administrator to find out the value of the vendor port
  • WINDOWS Host: If you see "checkout failed: License server machine is down or not responding.", it is possible that your flex client is timing out. Observe whether there is a long delay before the error appears. You can try: 
    • *** Set FLEXLM_TIMEOUT=10000000 (or a sufficiently large number...microseconds)
    • *** Rerun "qcc".
  • You may also have luck doing a web search. There are many discussions about common Flexnet license issues and how to fix them.
  • With the information collected at the console, you can work with your Flexera Server administrator (or QNX support rep) to debug/resolve the issue.

NOTE: This entry has been validated against the SDP version listed above. Use caution when considering this advice for any other SDP version. For supported releases, please reach out to QNX Technical Support if you have any questions/concerns.

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