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QNX Momentics 6.3.x and its associated products have been declared End of Life (EOL) as of Dec. 31, 2022. For more information see lifecycle.qnx.com.

Using QNX Technology Development Kits, you can develop and deploy applications on core kit technology, or modify the software to create derivative works.

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Acoustic Processing TDK   
The QNX Acoustic Pre-processing Solution is a sophisticated acoustic echo cancellation and speech enhancement solution designed specifically for challenging automotive environments. Unlike traditional voice-quality enhancement solutions, it eliminates the need for dedicated hardware, lowers production costs, and increases design flexibility. 
Instant Device Activation TDK   
Design systems that meet strict timing and response requirements at cold-start for critical peripherals & functionality without adding costly redundant hardware. The QNX Instant Device Activation Technology Development Kit provides the tools, source, and documentation to help you quickly implement custom boot drivers & functionality for your unique environment. 
QNX Neutrino Adaptive Partitioning TDK   
Another breakthrough technology from QNX Software Systems, Adaptive Partitioning takes the current restrictive concepts of software partitioning and dramatically changes the rules so that embedded developers can guarantee realtime for their applications, contain threats, and protect their systems. 
QNX Neutrino Multi-core TDK   
Powered by the massively scalable QNX Neutrino RTOS, customers can choose from a rich suite of multiprocessing solutions and implement the model best suited to their product requirements. In addition to offering both asymmetric (AMP) and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) capabilities, QNX has pioneered Bound Multiprocessing (BMP) a technology that simplifies code migration to multi-core processors. 
Web Browser TDK   
Design advanced web browsing functionality into embedded devices with the QNX Web Browser Technology Development Kit. Features include QNX Voyager User Interface, QNX Voyager User Agent and Voyager 2 HTML 4 User Agent. 
Advanced Graphics TDK   
The QNX Advanced Graphics Technology Development Kit provides standards-based support for accelerated 2D and 3D graphics rendering, allowing developers to create sophisticated displays with little impact on CPU performance.  
Critical Process Monitoring TDK   
Take a sophisticated approach to failure detection and recovery with the QNX Critical Process Monitoring Technology Development Kit. Develop self-healing network elements, construct failure-recovery scenarios, and add advanced features. 
Extended Networking TDK   
The QNX Extended Networking TDK provides source, utilities & other tools required by developers of networking devices to support advanced networking protocols such as IPv6, IPSec, SCTP and SNMP. 
Flash Filesystem and Embedding TDK   
The FFS/Embedding TDK provides read/write persistent storage that is resilient to power failures, as well as access to a suite of BSPs, drivers and other components for creating embedded systems.