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March 13, 2004
cdrecord - CD Writing Utility.
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Utility: CD Record (CD Writing Utility). This utility is part of the larger CD Tools package that is available from http://www.fokus.gmd.de/research/cc/glone/employees/joerg.schilling/private/cdrecord.html (cdtools-2.0.tar.gz dated 12/25/2002). Our QNX specific changes have been submitted back to the author but have not yet been incorporated as of March 13, 2003. Once the changes have been applied and a new version of CD Tools released, you will be able to build your own QNX version of the utility from the source code. IMPORTANT NOTES: Only cdrecord 2.0 has been tested. Also, the QNX implementation only supports "dev=/dev/cdX" device mapping.

If you want to use the cdrecord utility today, we have built an x86 binary version of cdrecord and packaged it for download. The package contains two libraries that must be updated before running the utility. To update the libraries, replace the existing libraries (make backups!), rebuild your boot image and then re-boot.

cp libcam.so.2 /usr/lib/libcam.so.2
cp cam-cdrom.so /usr/lib/dll/cam-cdrom.so

cp cdrecord /usr/bin (or anywhere else in your path)
mkifs /boot/build/qnxbasedma.build >/.boot (mkifs is only available in SE & PE)


Example (refer to man page):
cdrecord -v dev=/dev/cd0 speed=24 iso.img

Works With: X86 Self hosted, Momentics 6.2.1 release

Testing: Only the following CDRs have been tested. We provide no support for this utility.


  • HP CD-Writer Plus 9300 series 10x4x32x (C4492-60001/69001)
  • LG 24x10x40x (GCE-8240B)


  • HP CD-Writer Plus 9200 series 8x4x32x (C4455-60001/69001)

Date Posted: March 13, 2003.