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Total cost of ownership Linux vs. QNX - Part3

February 2016
Total cost of ownership Linux vs. QNX - Part3

The Linux OS provides for open access to its source code. This has led some to choose Linux as a viable development platform, on the perceived basis that its cost is less than commercial alternatives. To examine this, we present a three-part whitepaper series that closely examines the total cost of ownership of Linux and how that compares to a commercial off-the-shelf realtime operating system like QNX. In Part 3 we examine the challenges of certifying a Linux-based system.

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Chris Ault

Chris Ault

Chris Ault is the senior product manager responsible for QNX Software Systems medical software portfolio, including an Operating System compliant with the IEC 62304 standard. Recognized for his software expertise, Chris has written articles for Electronic Design, Embedded Intel Solutions, and Design & Elektronik and presented at events such as the Medical Devices Summit, mHealth, Embedded World, and the Embedded Systems Conference.

Before joining QNX, Chris was a senior product manager focused on virtualization technologies. He has held positions of increasing responsibility with hardware and software vendors, including Ciena, Nortel, Catena Networks, and Liquid Computing.

Chris holds degrees in computer science, electronics, and economics from Algonquin College and Carleton University.

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