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Breaking up is hard to do

February 2016
Breaking up is hard to do

Contrary to the title, this paper is not about romance. It is about embedded software design and how to avoid professional heartache.Its a fact of life embedded systems need human interaction. With some systems, so much work is invested in the HMI that its easy to lose sight of the fact that the system exists for the purpose of performing work! This paper will deal with life-cycle issues of embedded systems requiring an HMI.

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Dennis Kelly

Dennis Kelly

As a Field Engineering Specialist at QNX Software Systems, Dennis Kelly is a pre-sales resource for developers and project managers evaluating the scope of QNX technologies. With three decades of embedded and system-level software experience, Dennis provides examples and tutorials over a broad range of topics.

He holds a Master's degree in physics from Southern Illinois University. Before entering the software industry, Dennis was Assistant Professor (physics) at Miami-Dade College. His unique background and "hands-on" approach are evident in his papers and presentations.

Dennis has been with QNX since 2007.

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