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QNX RTOS v4 project
Whats new for QNX RTOS v4?
A new project for the provision of the latest QNX RTOS v4 network, disk, graphics, audio, USB and other device drivers
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The QNX RTOS v4 realtime operating system support a large array of x86 compatible devices. Select a category below to view the specific hardware and chipset supported by the latest version of QNX RTOS v4. QNX places the highest value on QNX RTOS v4 and existing QNX customers. Please contact your sales representative if you are in need to specialized hardware support. Our professional services team works with a variety of silicon and device vendors to help you stay on task and ahead of schedule.

  Block I/O
Drivers supporting SCSI, EIDE, CD-ROM, Flash filesystems.

A complete list of support x86 processors.

External and on-board audio devices and chipsets.

Supported PCMCIA based devices

Character I/O
Serial and parallel port controllers.

PCI, ISA, and AGP video cards and on-board video chipsets.

Chipsets supporting ISA, PCI, and Single-Chip Ethernet devices.


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