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Utilities Summary

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Servers and Resident Processes

Name Type Description
Audio manager Audio device manager
Blkfsys manager Block special filesystem
boot bootstrap Bootstrap the operating system
cron manager Clock server
Debugger32 debugger Low-level system debugger
Dev manager Device manager
Dev.* driver Device drivers (see "Drivers")
disktrap utility Autodetect disk controller and start appropriate driver
Dosfsys manager DOS filesystem manager
Efsys.365sl manager Embedded filesystem manager for Intel 82365 PCMCIA adapter
Efsys.file manager Embedded filesystem in a file
Efsys.pcmcia manager Generic embedded filesystem driver options
Efsys.ram manager Embedded filesystem manager for generic RAM area
emu87 manager Start 80x87 floating-point emulator
Fatfsys manager DOS FAT12/16/32 filesystem manager
Fsys manager Filesystem manager
Fsys.* driver Filesystems drivers (see "Drivers")
Input manager Input manager for GUIs
inputtrap utility Detect input devices and start Input Manager
int10 manager Provide some of the BIOS INT10 functions
Iso9660fsys manager ISO 9660 filesystem manager
lpsrvr manager Print server
modem utility Modem handler to answer calls
Mouse manager Mouse driver
mousetrap utility Autodetect mouse and optionally start correct driver
Mqueue manager POSIX message queue server
nameloc manager Name locator
Net manager Network manager
Net.* driver Network drivers (see "Drivers")
nettrap utility Autodetect network card and start appropriate driver
netboot manager Service boot requests from the network
pccard manager PCMCIA/CardBus (PC Card) server
pccard-launch manager Automatically start drivers when PC Cards are inserted
Pcmcia.* manager PCMCIA servers for various chipsets
PcmciaBeep manager Beep PC speaker when PCMCIA cards are changed
PcmciaLaunch manager Automatically start drivers when PCMCIA cards are plugged in
pcmciatrap utility Autodetect PCMCIA adapter and optionally start correct driver
Pipe manager Pipe manager
Proc32 manager Process manager
ramtrap utility Automatically add memory beyond what the BIOS reports
sinit utility System initialization
Slib* library System shared libraries
SMBfsys manager SMB filesystem client
syslogd manager System message logger
tinit manager Terminal initialization
tracelogger utility Extract trace events and log them to a file


Device Drivers

Name Type Description
Dev.ansi driver ANSI console
Dev.con driver QNX console
Dev.par driver Parallel devices
Dev.pty driver Pseudo ttys
Dev.ser driver Serial devices

Filesystem Drivers

Name Type Description
Fsys.aha2scsi driver Adaptec AIC-6260/6360-based SCSI host adapters
Fsys.aha4scsi driver Adaptec 154x and compatible SCSI host adapters
Fsys.aha7scsi driver Adaptec AIC-7770/7870/7880-based SCSI host adapters
Fsys.aha8scsi driver Adaptec common HIM SCSI adapters
Fsys.amdscsi driver AMD 53c974/79c974 PCI SCSI host adapter
Fsys.ata driver ATA fixed-disk interface
Fsys.eide driver ATA/IDE disk interface and ATAPI CD-ROM
Fsys.floppy driver Floppy disk
Fsys.ide driver IDE fixed-disk interface
Fsys.mitsumi driver Mitsumi LU-005 and FX-001 CD-ROM drives
Fsys.ncr8scsi driver NCR 53c810/815/820/825 PCI SCSI host adapter
Fsys.ps2scsi driver PS/2 SCSI host adapter
Fsys.sym8scsi driver Symbios/NCR 53c8xx SCSI host adapter
Fsys.us14scsi driver Ultrastor US-14F/34F SCSI host adapter

Network Drivers

Name Type Description
Net.arc20 driver SMC COM20020 Arcnet network driver
Net.arcnet driver Arcnet network driver
Net.arcxir driver Xircom Pocket Arcnet Adapter II network driver
Net.crys8900 driver Crystal 8900/8920 Ethernet network driver
Net.epic driver SMC 83C170 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether1000 driver NE1000/2000 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether2100 driver NE1500T/2100 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether21x4x driver See Net.tulip.
Net.ether503 driver 3Com 503 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether509 driver 3Com 509 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether589 driver 3Com 3C589 PCMCIA Ethernet network driver
Net.ether7231 driver AT&T 7231 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether8003 driver WD/SMC 8003 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether82557 driver Intel 82557/8 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether82595 driver Intel 82595 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether8900 driver See Net.crys8900.
Net.ether9000 driver SMC91C90/91C92 Ethernet network driver
Net.ether905 driver 3Com 905 Ethernet network driver
Net.fd driver File-descriptor-based network driver
Net.fddidfe driver DEC FDDI network driver
Net.i82540 driver Intel 82540 Gigabit Ethernet network driver
Net.rtl driver Realtek Semiconductor RTL8139A Ethernet network driver
Net.sis9 driver SiS 900 Ethernet network driver
Net.soho driver Macronix MX98715 Ethernet network driver
Net.solotr driver IBM PCI Token-Ring network driver
Net.tr164a driver IBM Token Ring 16/4 Adapter network driver
Net.tulip driver DEC 21x4x Ethernet Network Driver
Net.via driver VIA Technologies VT86C100A Ethernet network driver


Utility Class Description
alive QNX Output list of nodes
awk POSIX Pattern scanning and processing language
basename POSIX Return nondirectory portion of pathname
bc POSIX Arbitrary-precision arithmetic language
buildqnx QNX Build a custom version of QNX
cat POSIX Concatenate and print files
cbpe QNX Use Byte-Pair Encoding to compress or decompress a file
cd POSIX Change working directory
cfont QNX Load text-mode font data into EGA or VGA cards
chgrp POSIX Change file group ownership
chkfsys QNX Check an entire QNX filesystem for consistency
chmod POSIX Change file modes
chown POSIX Change file ownership
ci UNIX Check in RCS revisions
cksum POSIX Display file checksums and block counts
clock QNX Display date and time on console
cmp POSIX Compare two files
co UNIX Check out RCS revisions
comm POSIX Select or reject lines common to two files
cp POSIX Copy files
cpio UNIX Copy file archives in and out
cron UNIX Clock server
crontab POSIX Schedule periodic background work
ctags POSIX Generate tags files
cut POSIX Cut out selected fields of each line of a file
date POSIX Display or set the date and time
dcheck QNX Check a disk for bad blocks
dd UNIX Convert a file while copying it
df POSIX Report disk space free
diff POSIX Report the difference between two files
diff3 GNU Show differences among three files
dinit QNX Initialize a QNX filesystem
dirname POSIX Return directory portion of pathname
disktrap QNX Autodetect disk controller and start appropriate driver
ditto QNX View or control another console
du POSIX Estimate disk space usage
dumper QNX Dump postmortem state of a program
echo POSIX Write arguments to standard output
efsinit QNX Erase Flash partitions or format an embedded filesystem
egrep UNIX Extended regular expression grep
elvis UNIX Visual display editor clone
elvrec UNIX Recover elvis documents after a crash
env POSIX Set environment for command invocation
errno QNX Explain errno numbers
esh QNX Embedded shell
expand POSIX Convert tabs to spaces
expr POSIX Evaluate arguments as an expression
false POSIX Return false value
fcat UNIX Display compressed (frozen) files
fdformat QNX Format floppy diskettes
fdisk QNX Create QNX disk partition
fgrep UNIX Fixed string grep
file UNIX Determine file type
find POSIX Find files
finger UNIX Display information about a user
fold POSIX Fold lines
freeze UNIX Compress and uncompress files
fsysinfo QNX Display filesystem statistics
fullpath QNX Display network-qualified pathnames
gmake GNU Maintain, update, and regenerate groups of programs
grep POSIX Search for string patterns
gunzip GNU Uncompress files; see gzip
gzip/gunzip/zcat GNU Compress or expand files
hd UNIX Display files in decimal, hex, octal, or ASCII
head POSIX Copy the first part of files
id POSIX Return user ID
ident UNIX Identify files
infocmp UNIX Output the contents of a terminfo capability file
inputtrap QNX detect input devices and start Input Manager
/etc/install QNX Install a software package
join POSIX Relational database operator
kbd QNX Specify keyboard layout
kedit QNX Edit a keyboard layout file
kill POSIX Terminate or signal processes
kill_vcs QNX Kill all virtual circuits to a node
ksh UNIX Korn Shell command interpreter
less UNIX Interactive paginator
lex POSIX Lexical analyzer generator
license QNX Install/transfer software licenses
licinfo QNX List licenses in use
ln POSIX Create links to (aliases for) files
lockfd QNX Lock a floppy drive to one capacity/media type
logger POSIX Make entries in the system log
login UNIX Log in
logname POSIX Return user's login name
logout UNIX Terminate a session
lp POSIX Send files to a printer
lpc UNIX Line printer control program
lpq UNIX Display print queue status
lprm UNIX Remove jobs from the printer queue
ls POSIX List directory contents
mailx POSIX Read or send mail messages
make POSIX Maintain, update, and regenerate groups of programs
melt UNIX Uncompress frozen files
mkcis QNX Create a Card Information Structure
mkdir POSIX Make directories
mkffs POSIX Make a Flash (embedded) filesystem image
mkfifo POSIX Make FIFO special files
mkipl QNX Convert a binary image into ROM format
monitor QNX Generate kernel event log
more POSIX Display files on a page-by-page basis
mount UNIX Mount partitions and filesystems
mount_cdfs QNX Mount CD-ROM filesystems
mount_dos QNX Mount DOS filesystems
mount_iso9660 QNX Mount ISO 9660 filesystems
mount_smb QNX Mount SMB filesystems
mousetrap QNX Autodetect mouse and start appropriate driver
msgprint QNX Display kernel event log
mv POSIX Move files
netinfo QNX Display network events
netmap QNX Load the Network Manager's logical-to-physical node ID mapping table
netpoll QNX Display or change default polling parameters of a node
nettrap QNX Autodetect network card and start appropriate drivers
newgrp POSIX Change to a new group
nice POSIX Run a program at an altered priority
noditto QNX Prevent another user from dittoing your machine
nohup POSIX Invoke a command immune to hangups
on QNX Execute a command on another node or tty
passwd UNIX Change login password
paste POSIX Merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files
pax POSIX Portable archive interchange
pc-pin QNX Display PC Card information
pcmciatrap QNX Autodetect PCMCIA adapter and optionally start correct driver
pin QNX Display PCMCIA information
pr POSIX Print files
prefix QNX Examine or change the pathname prefix tree
printf POSIX Write formatted output
ps POSIX Report process status
pwd POSIX Print working directory name
qcp QNX QNX communications protocol
qed QNX2 QNX fullscreen editor
qtalk QNX Talk over communications line
ramtrap QNX Automatically add memory beyond what the BIOS reports
rcs UNIX Change RCS file attributes
rcsclean UNIX Clean up working files
rcsdiff UNIX Compare RCS revisions
rcsmerge UNIX Merge RCS revisions
renice POSIX Adjust the priority of a running process
rlog UNIX Print log messages and other info about RCS files
rm POSIX Remove files
rmdir POSIX Remove directories
romqnx QNX Convert a buildqnx image to a ROM image
rtc QNX Set or get date from realtime clock
sac QNX Display system activity at each priority level
scsi_util QNX Control SCSI and EIDE devices
sed POSIX Stream editor
sh POSIX Command interpreter
show_pci QNX Display PCI devices
shutdown QNX Shut down and reboot the system
sin QNX Display system information
size UNIX Print section sizes of object and load modules
slay QNX Kill or modify a process by name
sleep POSIX Suspend execution for an interval
sort POSIX Sort, merge, or sequence-check text files
spatch QNX Fullscreen patch utility
split POSIX Split files into pieces
strings POSIX Find printable strings in files
stty POSIX Set tty attributes
su UNIX Switch user ID
sync UNIX Update filesystems to match cached data
tail POSIX Copy the last part of a file
tape QNX Control a tape driver
tar UNIX Read and write tape archive files
tee POSIX Duplicate standard input
termdef QNX Display or set the terminal type
textto QNX Convert text files to QNX 2, QNX 4, or DOS format
tic UNIX Terminfo compiler
ticksize QNX Set the system timer granularity
time UNIX Determine the execution time of a command
tinit QNX Terminal initialization
touch POSIX Change file access and modification times
tr POSIX Translate characters
tracectrl QNX Display and change trace parameters
traceinfo QNX Print trace events
tracelogger QNX Extract trace events and log them to a file
true POSIX Return true value
tty POSIX Return user's terminal name
uesh QNX Micro-embedded shell
umask POSIX Get or set the file mode creation mask
umount UNIX Unmount filesystems or partitions
uname POSIX Return system name
unexpand POSIX Convert spaces to tabs
uniq POSIX Report or filter out repeated lines in a file
use QNX Print a usage message
usemsg QNX Change usage message for a command
user_smb QNX Map a QNX user to an SMB user
vdir QNX Create virtual directories
vedit QNX Full screen editor
vi UNIX Visual display editor
vol QNX Manage multi-volume archives
wall UNIX Broadcast a message
wc POSIX Word, line, and byte count
which UNIX Locate a program file
who POSIX Display who is on the system
write POSIX Write a message to a user's terminal
xargs POSIX Construct argument list(s) and execute program
yacc POSIX A parser generator
zap QNX Destroy a damaged file
zcat GNU Concatenate compressed files; see gzip

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