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Display PC Card information

Note: You must be root to run this utility.


pc-pin [-s socket] [command]


-s socket
Display information about this PC Card socket only (starting at 1).
The type of information to display:
Command Description
status Show the status of each socket (default)
config Attempt to make configuration file entries (obsolete)
cis Decode the Card Information Structure (CIS) on the card


The pc-pin utility displays useful information about PC Card resources, servers, and cards.

The QNX 4 PC Card server (pccard) automatically configures PCMCIA/CardBus I/O cards as they're inserted. It also manages computer resources such as memory windows, ports, and IRQs. Resources are allocated as cards are inserted, and then freed as cards are removed.

Drivers that are PC Card-aware can be informed of card insertions and removals, based on the type of card; these drivers can then configure themselves to use the correct ports and IRQs.

The pccard-launch utility automatically starts drivers and passes them command-line arguments describing the ports and IRQs used by the card, thus permitting a non-PC Card-aware driver to be automatically started when the card is inserted, and stopped when it is removed.

Exit status:


See also:

pccard, pccard-launch

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