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QNX Aviage Multimedia Software Codec for AAC 1.2.0 - Windows Hosts

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QNX Aviage Multimedia Software Codec for AAC 1.2.0 - Windows Hosts
May 21, 2009
AAC component for installation on Windows hosts. The AAC Codec component provides software decode for AAC format files and streams. Install the QNX Aviage Multimedia Core package before installing this package.
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Size:6.25 MB
Check Sum: 2309088818 6556962
MD5 Sum:cd97c5d3757e961982a4cb445e779e5f
Requirements: QNX Aviage Multimedia Core 1.2.0
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IMPORTANT: See the current QNX License Guide for an explanation of the licensing considerations for this QNX Aviage Middleware Product.
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