Editors page

Most perspectives in the Workbench are comprised of an editor area and one or more views. Any number of editors can be open at once, but only one can be active at a time. The main menu bar and toolbar for the Workbench window contain operations that are applicable to the active editor.

Tabs in the editor area indicate the names of resources that are currently open for editing. An asterisk (*) indicates that an editor has unsaved changes.

By default, editors are stacked in the editor area, but you can choose to tile them in order to view source files simultaneously.

Option Description Default
Size of recently opened files list Each file opened in an editor is stored in a list of recently used files in the File menu. This option controls the number of files that are displayed in that list. 4
Show multiple editor tabs Show multiple editor tabs. If this option isn't selected, editor workbooks have one large tab and all non-visible editors are accessible only from the chevron. Selected
Allow in-place system editors When selected, files associated with certain system editors, like Word and Excel, will open inside the IDE. If not selected, the editors are opened as stand-alone editors outside of the IDE. Selected
Restore editor state on startup Display the editor in the same state that it was when it was last closed (meaning that it doesn't use the default settings). Selected
Prompt to save on close even if still open elsewhere Saves the file when being closed even if the same file is open in another editor. Selected
Close editors automatically Reuse editors in the Workbench. If this option is selected, you may specify the number of editors to use before they are recycled. You can also specify if a prompt dialog should be opened, or if a new editor should be opened when all editors have unsaved changes. Once selected, the Pin Editor action is added to the Toolbar and Editor tab menu. Pinned editors are not recycled. Deselected
Number of opened editors before closing The maximum number of editors that can be open at any given time. For example, if you specify three and then open a forth project, the first opened project will automatically close. 8
When all editors are dirty or pinned
Prompt to save and reuse
Include a prompt to save any unsaved components in the project before automatically closing.
Open new editor
Open an additional editor.
Prompt to save and reuse