Compare/Patch page

The following preferences can be changed on the General > Compare/Patch page.

General tab

Option Description Default
Open structure compare automatically Controls whether a structure compare is automatically performed whenever a content compare is done. Deselect this option if you don't want to see the structural differences. Selected
Show structure compare in Outline view when possible When selected, a structure comparison will be displayed in the Outline view, whenever possible. Deselected
Ignore white space Control whether white space changes are shown in the Compare viewer. Select this option only if you want to see changes in white space. Deselected
Automatically save dirty editors before browsing patches Control whether any unsaved changes are automatically saved before a patch is applied. Select this option if you want to automatically save changes. Deselected
Added/Removed lines Control which lines should be counted as added and removed lines when applying a patch. Both options are based on regular expressions. N/A
Filtered Members Filter members that should be excluded from Compare With Each Other. The names in the list must be separated by a comma. N/A

Text Compare tab

Option Description Default
Synchronize scrolling between panes in compare viewers The two comparison viewers will "lock scroll" along with one another in order to keep identical and corresponding portions of the code in each pane side-by-side. Turn this option off if you do not want the compare viewers to lock scroll. Selected
Initially show ancestor pane Compare two versions of a resource with the previous version from which they were both derived. This is called their common ancestor, and it appears in its own comparison pane during a three way compare. Select this option if you want the ancestor pane to always appear at the start of a comparison. Deselected
Show pseudo conflicts Display pseudo conflicts, which occur when two developers make the same change (for example, they both add or remove the exact same line of code or comment). Select this option if you want pseudo conflicts to appear in compare browsers. Deselected
Connect ranges with single line Control whether differing ranges are visually connected by a single line, or a range delimited by two lines. Selected
Highlight individual changes Control whether the individual changes inside conflicts are highlighted. Selected
Disable capping when declaring large documents Disable the capping mechanism to quickly find differences in large documents. In cases where the capping occurs, the result can either be correct or it can display too many changes, but it never misses any change. Please remember that with this option enabled, the calculation may take more time. Deselected
When the end/beginning is reached while navigating an element Configure what occurs when the end/beginning is reached while navigating an element.
If this option is selected and you also selected to compare a single element, you will be prompted to go to the beginning/end of the element after the end/beginning is reached. If you compare two or more elements, you will be prompted to go to the beginning/end of the current element, or to go to the next/previous element. Moreover, if you choose to remember your decision, this option will be changed to one of the below respectively.
Loop back to the beginning/end
When this option is on, the selection will me moved back to the beginning/end after you reach the end/beginning of an element.
Go to the next/previous element
If you are comparing two or more elements and this option is on after you reach the end/beginning of an element the next/previous element will be opened.
Do nothing
Do not provide any visual indicators when the end/beginning is reached.
Preview Show the changes that will occur based on the current options selected. N/A