Text Editors page

Option Description Default
Undo history size Set the size of the undo history for text editors; it controls the size of the undo stack. 200
Displayed tab width Set the displayed tab width for text editors. The value for this option determines the number of spaces the editor will show to visually represent a tab. 4
Insert spaces for tabs Insert space characters in place of tab characters. When selected, this option changes all tabs into spaces. Deselected
Highlight current line Control whether or the current line is highlighted. Use this setting to toggle on and off the highlight line that is placed on the line where the cursor is currently located. Selected
Show print margin Control whether the print margin is visible. When selected, a thin grey line is shown through the editor at the column specified by the column setting. This option is useful if you print your syntax because it formats the code so that it fits on a printed page. Deselected
Print margin column Set the print margin column position. 80
Show line numbers Show line numbers on the left side of the text editor. Deselected
Show range indicator Show the range indicator in the vertical line ruler as a grayed bar that spans the entire block of code. You can activate this range when you select code or an element in the Outline view. Selected
Show whitespace characters Display whitespace characters in text editors. Deselected
Show affordance in hover on how to make it sticky Show an action in the hover about to make it sticky. Deselected
When mouse moved into hover Control behavior once the mouse moves into a hover area.
Close hover
Close the hover once mouse moves into the hover area.
Enrich immediately
Open the hover help without delay.
Enrich after delay
Open the hover help after a short delay.
Enrich on click
Open the hover help after a click of the mouse when mouse moves over a hover area.
Enrich after delay
Enable drag and drop of text Control whether text drag-and-drop is enabled. Selected
Warn before editing a derived file Warn if a derived file is going to be edited. Selected
Smart caret positioning at line start and end Reposition the cursor to the beginning or end of a line of text when either the Home or End keys are pressed. Selected
Appearance color options Control various appearance colors. N/A
Color Select a color for the appearance of a selected option. N/A