Content Types page

The General > Content Types preference page lets you edit content types, and their associated file names and character sets. You can also associate arbitrary file names or file extensions with content types. A content type acts as a description of a certain class of files (such as XML files). The IDE uses this description in various scenarios, such as editor look-ups and file comparisons.

To access the Content Types preference page, select Window > Preferences > General > Content Types .

Option Description Default
Content types By selecting a content type in the topmost tree, you can change the file names and extensions that are associated with it.
Note: Some items might be marked as "locked". An item is locked if it is one of the associations provided by the plug-in that declares the content type. In other words, you can remove only user-contributed associations.
File associations Lists file associations for the selected content type that associate a file with an application that is capable of opening that file. N/A
Add Define a new content type association for a file name or extension. Type the name of a file or a file extension. If you add a file extension, you must type either a dot or a "*." before the file type (e.g., .xml or *.xml as opposed to simply xml). N/A
Edit Edit the selected file association for the selected content type. N/A
Remove Remove the selected file type from the list. N/A
Default encoding Set the default encoding for a given content type, such as UTF-8. N/A
Update Update the default encoding for a given content type. N/A