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About This Guide

Note: For an overview of the changes to the software and docs, see What's new in Photon 1.14 (as of May 12, 2000)

The Photon User's Guide is intended to introduce you to the Photon environment and to help you use the applications that came with your Photon Runtime system.

This guide includes the following chapters:

What's new in Photon 1.14

What's new online (as of May 12, 2000)

Conventions used in this guide

Throughout this guide, we use several typographical conventions to help you follow instructions and identify important information.

Keyboard input

Keys you press look like this:


Keychords (i.e. keys you press all at once) look like this:

Alt -Enter

Text that you type looks like this:

something you type

Single-step instructions

Single-step instructions are formatted like this:

=>> To move the window, press Alt -F7 .

Notes, cautions, warnings

Notes, cautions, and warnings are used to highlight important messages:

Note: Notes point out something important or useful.

Caution: Cautions tell you about commands or procedures that may have unwanted or undesirable side effects.

WARNING: Warnings tell you about commands or procedures that could be dangerous to your files, your hardware, or even yourself.

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